Screen Printed Wood Invitations

22 Nov

Before we get into the rest of Angi & Ryan’s wedding, I wanted to share our second round of screen printed wood invitations [click here to see the first]. Again we teamed up with the fantastic Shannon LaBare from In The Now who designed these lovely invitations.

Christie and Seth wanted to make an impact on their guests, giving them a taste of what their wedding would be like, which was fun to say the least. They had trumpeters, trolleys and an ice-cream truck just to give you an idea.

We used white screen printing on wood to offset their color palette of Yellow, Olive and Burnt Orange.

This couple loved their invitations so much that they framed them and hung then on the wall of their home!

Many thanks to Shannon for doing such great design work. It made the finished product look effortless and classy.

[All photos courtesy of Two Auer Photo]


One Response to “Screen Printed Wood Invitations”

  1. Mike Niemczyk January 27, 2013 at 9:58 am #

    What kind of wood did you print on?

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