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Plexiglass Cake Display Sign

3 Dec

We finally round our look at all the details from Angi & Ryan’s wedding with their cake display. Keeping with their logo and theme of hearts we made this plexiglass sign to display above their cake.

Hope you enjoyed looking at all of the details from Angi & Ryan’s wedding as much as we enjoyed making them!

All images courtesy of The Image Is Found.


Bride and Groom Chair Details

2 Dec

Naturally the Bride and Groom are the focus of the wedding day, but we always like to add even more extra special details for them.

These wood planks with Angi & Ryan’s initials were placed on the back of their chairs at their sweetheart table.

Tomorrow we complete Angi & Ryan’s wedding day with a look at their wedding cake.

All images courtesy of The Image Is Found.

Kids Activity Box

1 Dec

For the most part, kids get bored at weddings. What better way to keep them entertained than giving them a personalized activity box! Each kid attending Angi & Ryan’s wedding was given one of these fun packages.

The heart buckets complemented the theme of the wedding perfectly and we added names to them for an extra special touch.

Tomorrow, a special detail for the bride and groom!

All images courtesy of The Image Is Found.

Directional Signage

30 Nov

It’s always best if guests are informed, hence the multitude of signs we make. When guests know what to do it automatically makes the day run smoother. Since the home was on such a steep grade the guests were given rides to and from the parking lot over the course of the evening.

Amanda from In The Now gave us the sandwich board that we applied the sign to.

More of A & R to come!

All images courtesy of The Image Is Found

Giant Balloons with Lettering

29 Nov

We’ll finish up this week of Angi & Ryan’s wedding with some of their smaller details. As a play on balloons tied to mailboxes to signify an event taking place, Amanda at In The Now gave us 36″ balloons to put Angi & Ryan’s names on. Unfortunately the wind got the better of a few of our balloons so we were only able to get A + R, but they still looked great!

Dance Floor Monogram

26 Nov

We’ll round out this week of Angi & Ryan’s big day with a dance floor monogram. Since it was at a family members home, the dance floor was on the driveway.

To delineate the dancing area from the rest of the driveway we added this great image that has the lyrics to the bride and groom’s first dance. Hope you enjoyed this week of Angi & Ryan’s wedding. Stay tuned for the rest of their fab details every day next week!

Image courtesy of The Image Is Found.

Wood Table Numbers

25 Nov

To keep in the outdoorsy, cozy, but modern vibe of Angi & Ryan’s wedding day, we added the table numbers to stained blocks of wood.

And here’s a look at how the wood table numbers look on the entire table.

Perfectly sized to be seen by guests, but not too big to overpower the table. There’s more Angi & Ryan to come tomorrow, so be sure to stop by!

All photos courtesy of The Image Is Found.