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3 Sep

Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve shared some stuff with you!  It’s mostly because we’ve been working working working like busy bees and haven’t had a chance to catch our breath!  Until we get a minute to get up to date, here’s some stickers we made for our wedding.  This first image is a bumper sticker we made for our guests to put on their cars so they could easily follow someone to the reception.

This second photo are just some simple labels we created to close our favor envelopes.

Can’t wait to share the projects we’ve been, and are, working on!

All photos courtesy of Palos Studio.


Mailbox Cardbox

23 Jul

We are always trying to think up unique ways to personalize events. For our wedding, we added one of the wedding logos we created for ourselves to a mailbox for our guests to put their cards in.

If you have any creative cardbox ideas, let us know!

All photos courtesy of Palos Studio.

Wedding Seating Charts

19 Jul

As an alternative to escort cards, we decided to make a seating chart with all the guests names underneath their respective table.  Once we printed the sign we cut it the same shape as the border.

Using a seating chart at an wedding or event is a great space saver.

All photos courtesy of Palos Studio.

Wedding Step and Repeat

28 Jun

Hello all and thanks for visiting our site!  As our first post, we’d like to share with you a great idea for your wedding or event.  This is one of our creations – a Step and Repeat.  The Step and Repeat adds a special twist to the photobooth that is all the rage right now.  And it makes everyone feel a little bit like they’re walking the red carpet.  Who doesn’t want to feel like that!

Amy and Majid

Having a Step and Repeat is something a little different and as you can see your guests will have a lot of fun with it!!

Auntie Katy & Auntie Dana



You can liven things up even more by having a write on wipe off board for people to write their well wishes or advice.  Reading the messages when you get your pictures back is like opening a box of chocolates.  You really never know what you’re gonna get!

Danielle with Sign

Javier Pablo & Rick with Sign

If you have a keen eye you might have noticed that this particular Step and Repeat was for our wedding.  While designing all the elements that would go into our bash, we noticed that wherever we went no one understood why we would want something like a Step and Repeat for a wedding, much less actually make it.  This is when the idea for a company that could provide that type of service began to percolate in our minds.  We wanted to provide an alternative to your run-of-the-mill copy shop.  You know, the place where they give you a blank stare when you tell them you want a life size cutout of yourself.  So this is it!  The launch of Creative Media Print!  We’ll take that crazy idea of yours and make it a reality!


All photos courtesy of Palos Studio