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Protected: Wood Screen Printed Favor Tags

13 Dec

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Screen Printed Wood Programs

12 Dec

Screen Printed Program Fans

9 Jul

Screen Printed Take Home Box

24 Dec

The next event we worked on was an opening party for a new venue in Orange County called Serra Plaza. Roughly 100 planners were in attendance on a perfectly sunny day in November. One item we did was screen print swag boxes. A modern twist on the swag bag usually given out at industry events.

At each station of the event three word graphic phrases were used to direct guests.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas, and will see you back on Monday with more details from the Serra Plaza event!

[Photos courtesy of Studio EMP and Ashleigh Taylor Photography]

Screen Printed Wood Invitations

22 Nov

Before we get into the rest of Angi & Ryan’s wedding, I wanted to share our second round of screen printed wood invitations [click here to see the first]. Again we teamed up with the fantastic Shannon LaBare from In The Now who designed these lovely invitations.

Christie and Seth wanted to make an impact on their guests, giving them a taste of what their wedding would be like, which was fun to say the least. They had trumpeters, trolleys and an ice-cream truck just to give you an idea.

We used white screen printing on wood to offset their color palette of Yellow, Olive and Burnt Orange.

This couple loved their invitations so much that they framed them and hung then on the wall of their home!

Many thanks to Shannon for doing such great design work. It made the finished product look effortless and classy.

[All photos courtesy of Two Auer Photo]

Screen Printed Wood Invitations

29 Sep

Not too long ago we were approached with an awesome opportunity.  Screen printed wood invitations.  Shannon LaBare wanted to give her client’s invitations an edge, and of course, the invitation is the first impression people are getting of what the wedding will be like.  And what a great impression this is!

The way she put together all the elements of the suite really complement the wood aspect.



To take a peek at some more photos of these fun invitations, check out Shannon’s blog here. And while you’re at it, check out some of her other work. She’s a lot of fun!


A final parting shot. And guess what…we did another set of screen printed invitations! You’ll just have to keep a lookout for those when we get the professional pictures.

Protected: Plexiglass Fireplace and Menu’s

30 Jun

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